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In Cosmhotel group we put our guests at the main focal point of our business and we deliver an unforgettable hospitality experience. Our team members serve as brand ambassadors of our group, making their best effort to serve our values to our guests from all over the world. We meet the expectation set of ideal holidays and our greater plan is to be the first memory of our guests when they dream of vacation, thus turning them into passionate brand advocates.

Georgios Tripakis

A short Story

Mande Tryp family company was taken over by George Trypakis back in 2002 with only one hotel in his possession, Pela Maria, located at Hersonissos port in Crete Island. Over the next twenty years, Mr. Tripakis and his team grew the company into the Cosmhotel Group that is known today for the wide range of touristic businesses in Crete and Mykonos islands.


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Today Cosmhotel Group consists of 8 hotels and apartments, 4 bars and restaurants and 3 retail shops. Expanded through the years from eastern Crete to Mykonos Island vacating several places like Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos, Hersonissos, and Chora Mykonos. After 2 years of providing hospitality services through harsh times of epidemic, we plan to turn the page and offer the freedom we so eagerly missed!


Our next step into the future of the group is to become “greener” as businesses, reducing the emitted carbon dioxide as well as taking advantage of alternative forms of energy. Internet of Things is also an idea worth exploiting in our industry and we plan to base our renovations into a program to make our hotels and businesses “smarter”. Sign up to our newsletter to know our news first!